Eugene Dubnov


THE THOUSAND-YEAR MINUTES, a collection of poems from Shoestring Press (UK), published in August, 2013.


BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES, a collection of poems from Shoestring Press (UK), published in July, 2017.


Two collections of verse published in Russian: "Ryzhiye monety" (Russet Coins), Goldfinch Press, London, 1978;  "Nebom i zemleyu" (By Sky and Earth), Amber Press, London, 1984. 

NEVER OUT OF REACH, autobiography from Clemson and Liverpool University Presses:


NEVER OUT OF REACH Lierpool University Press

NEVER OUT OF REACH Clemson University Press

Poems and short stories in Russian in various publications in Russia, France, Germany, Canada, USA, and Israel: in, among others, Grani, Kontinent, La Pensée Russe, The New Russian Word, The New Review, Sovremennik, Time and We, Ariel, Galilee, Jews in the Culture of Russia Abroad (Vol. III, Jerusalem, 1994), Literary Jerusalem (Jerusalem, 1996).

POEMS TRANSLATED (translators and co-translators include Alison Brackenbury, Donald Davie, D.J.Enright, John Heath-Stubbs, Shirley Kaufman, X.J.Kennedy, Maxine Kumin, Edwin Morgan, Peter Porter, John Pilling, Anne Ridler, Carol Rumens, Vernon Scannell, Ali Smith, W.D.Snodgrass, Anne Stevenson) INTO AND WRITTEN IN ENGLISH PUBLISHED IN, AMONG OTHERS:


The Times Literary Supplement, New Statesman, The Spectator, The Literary Review, Contemporary Review, The New Welsh Review, Poetry Review, English, Modern Poetry in Translation, Agenda, Ambit, Outposts, Critical Survey, Acumen, Aquarius, New Departures, Country Life, The Green Book, Poetry Wales, Swansea Review, Poetry Oxford, Poetry London, Poetry Durham, Poetry Nottingham, Lines Review, Stand Magazine, Cencrastus, Prospice, Akros, Envoi, Quarto, Iron; Poetry Ireland Review, Belfast Review, The Honest Ulsterman, Cyphers, Riverine, Tracks, Salmon;


Poetry, The Partisan Review, Raritan Review , Chicago Review, Massachusetts Review, New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly, Arizona Quarterly, Southwest Review, Midwest Quarterly, Northwest Review, North American Review, Denver Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Ploughshares, South Carolina Review, The Mid-America Poetry Review, Centennial Review, Colorado North Review, Webster Review, New Orleans Review, Poetry New York, The Yale Literary Magazine, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Seneca Review, Southern Humanities Review, Cumberland Poetry Review, The Hollins Critic, Mississippi Review, Southern Poetry Review, Wisconsin Review, The Literary Review, The Threepenny Review, Interim, The Green River Review, Bloomsbury Review, Confrontation, Midstream, Present Tense, Pulpsmith, The Cresset;  "Today's Poem" on USA Poetry Daily website 12 Feb 11; 


Dalhousie Review, Poetry Canada Review, The Antigonish Review, Canadian Literature, The New Quarterly, Wascana Review, Ariel, Fiddlehead, Grain, Contemporary Verse 2, Arc, Scrivener, Waves;


Southern Review, Westerly, Southerly, Poetry Australia, Poetry New Zealand, Quadrant, Overland, Adelaide Review, New England Review, Meanjin, The Age, Scripsi, The Phoenix Review, Linq, Mattoid, Imago, Scarp, Pacific Quarterly Moana;

FRANCE: Paris/Atlantic, Frank;

ISRAEL: The Jerusalem Post, Ariel;

SOUTH AFRICA: Contrast, The New Contrast;


Homage to Mandelstam (Cambridge, 1981), Island of the Children (London, 1987), Yearbook of American Poetry (Beverly Hills, CA, 1985 and 1986/87), Am Erker (Münster, 1987), Poesie Europe (Frankfurt am Main, 1988), English Poetry from Israel (Tel-Aviv, 1997), Modern Poets of Europe (Kathmandu, 2003), The Best Australian Poems 2013 (Melbourne, 2013).




Partisan Review (USA), The New Quarterly (Canada), Massachussetts Review (USA), Antigonish Review (Canada), Northwest Review (USA), The North American Review (USA), Southern Review (Australia), Dalhousie Review (Canada), The Honest Ulsterman (Britain), Wascana Review (Canada), Mississippi Review (USA), Phoenix Review (Australia), Webster Review (USA), Ambit (Britain), Meridian (USA), Capilano Review (Canada), Kansas Quarterly / Arkansas Review (USA), New Contrast (South Africa), Wisconsin Review (USA), Event (Canada), New Letters (USA), Cyphers ( Ireland), Confrontation (USA), Stand Magazine (Britain), Denver Quarterly (USA), Paris/Atlantic (France), Black Warrior Review (USA), Staple (Britain), Chicago Review (USA), Chiron Review (USA), Mattoid (Australia), Quadrant (Australia), Westerly (Australia), Illuminations (Britain/USA), The North (Britain), South Carolina Review (USA), Westwords (Britain), The Literary Review (USA), Rampike Magazine (Canada), Amelia (USA), Panurge (Britain), Sequoia (USA), The Crosscurrent Magazine (New Zealand), MSS (USA), Arc (Israel), Gipsy (Germany/USA), Ninth Decade (Britain), New England Review (USA), The Antigonish Review (Canada), St. Petersburg Review (USA), Scrivener (Canada), Kestrel (USA), Grain (Canada), Alembic (USA);


Literary Olympians: Crosscurrents' Anthology (Westlake Village, California, 1987), Leviathan 3 (Tallahassee, FL / Madison, WI, 2002).

Nine short stories broadcast on the BBC Radio 3 (1984-88).

Chapters from autobiography published in, among others, South Carolina Review, North Dakota Quarterly . The first volume of the autobiography entitled NEVER OUT OF REACH from Clemson University Press, USA, and Liverpool University Press, UK, in 2015.

Chapters from a novel published in, among others, American Letters and Commentary .

A play published in The Honest Ulsterman (Britain);

Essays in, among others, Theatre Ireland and Selected Essays at XIII Congress of World Academy of Arts and Culture (Jerusalem, 1993).

Work published also in Hebrew, French, and German translations.

Translations of Russian poets, from Lomonosov and Derzhavin to Akhmatova and Pasternak, mostly in collaboration with John Heath-Stubbs: over one hundred poems published in, among others, Scottish Slavonic Review, The Glasgow Magazine, Encounter, The Gnosis Anthology (New York, 1982)



Writer's House (Tel-Aviv, 1979);

Poetry Olympics (London, 1981);

Pushkin House (London, 1982);

"Felling an Oak": a talk on 18th century poetry on the BBC Radio 3 (1982);

Die Gegenwart des Futurismus (Cologne, 1982);

Festival of New Music (Salzburg, 1983; broadcast on Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt/Main);

"Here Writes Fear": a series of talks on T.S. Eliot and O. Mandelstam broadcast on the BBC World Service (1982-83).

XIII World Congress of Poets (Haifa, 1992; printed in Galim 6, Haifa, 1994);

The Jerusalem International Poetry Festivals (1993, 2002);

Poetry Reading at Haus19 Art Gallery (Berlin, 2009);

Reading at the Bookmarks Bookshop launch of Eugene Dubnov's book of poetry THE THOUSAND-YEAR MINUTES (London, 2013).


In 2008 the Library of Congress requested “correspondence and items that document [Dubnov's] life and work.”

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